About Tracy Levesque

My Profesh Bio

Tracy Levesque looking very professional in a shirt and tie

Tracy Levesque is the co-owner and co-founder of YIKES, Inc. a WordPress VIP agency located in the vibrant Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Certified Women and LGBT owned, YIKES is also a proud B Corporation focusing on sustainable business practices and observing the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

At YIKES you can find Tracy managing projects, running discovery meetings, and working on business development. However, she still loves to code and works on building WordPress themes and plugins daily.

With a love for teaching and presenting, she has spoken at WordCamps in Philly, New York, Montreal, San Francisco, San Diego & Lancaster and PressNomics. She was also a contributor to multiple versions of WordPress core and participated on several contributor teams.

As one of the key organizers of the inaugural WordCamp US in Philadelphia (2015 and 2016), she helped bring together over 2,000 WordPress enthusiasts to one of the largest WordPress conferences in the world.

When not behind a computer, Tracy Levesque loves to enjoy the Philly food scene, ride her bike around the city, play drums, hang out with her wife & kid and watch a lot of television.

My Casual Bio

Tracy Levesque sitting outside in Philly Magic Gardens

I am a GenX, biracial (Filipina/Jewish) lesbian conveniently born in 1970 so I always know how old I am in a given year (math is not one of my strengths).

Television was my babysitter growing up so it’s like a family member. With my life-long love of TV and interest in wlw representation on TV, I co-founded LezWatchTV with Mika Epstein. It is the greatest online database of queer female, non-binary, & transgender TV and my non-money-making side-hustle.

I have a lot of hobbies: playing the drums, music, photography, urban exploring, finances, FIRE, web development, WordPress, food, travel, biking, exercising, everything Philly and whatever else I’m into at the moment.

I’m an ambitious person. In addition to running a successful WordPress agency, my wife and I bought a pair of run-down buildings in Fishtown and did a complete LEED Platinum gut rehab renovation. They are 6 units total — 4 apartments and 2 storefronts. So I’m a landlord which is my money-making side-hustle. I enjoy being a non-greedy and attentive landlord.

I love my wife and kid! I met my wife Mia in 1992 and she is awesome. My kid’s name is Josephine and she is awesome too. I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in her life with her creativity and talent.

I’m looking forward to retirement and what that phase of life will look like. Stay tuned!