I co-own and co-founded a web development agency with my wife Mia called YIKES, Inc.

I’ve always had a love for computers and when web technology came along in the early 90s I took to it right away. As a woman (and bi-racial lesbian) in tech, I have the experience of more times that not being the only woman in the room for anything tech-related. Being a minority in a position of power, I have dedicated my professional life to elevating marginalized folks in tech (and in general). I believe the only way to close the wealth/power gap is for more marginalized people to be successful. We can’t waste energy waiting for people who have been traditionally in power to become enlightened. Our success is what makes true change.

Public Speaking

I have given presentations at various events. I love talking about various topics in front of big groups of people.

You can view some videos from my presentations:

Website Development

If you are interested in having a custom site developed, head on over to my company, YIKES, Inc. We specialize in enterprise web development.