But are you happy?

Happiness Company

I am a business owner.

Sometimes I feel like this is overshadowed by all the other things I do, but I co-own a web development company. I employ people and together we deliver websites to clients.

I am 100% throwing my hat in the ring to become a well-known and respected WordPress development company. I have worked hard, in the past few years, to consume as much knowledge as possible about WordPress and its ecosystem, and make resources and tools available to my employees to continually elevate our standards, practices and quality of product.

I have also sat back and watched the evolution of various well known and respected WordPress development companies on Twitter and other online media outlets. I see the exponential growth, constant hiring and acquisition of other companies and think, “what constitutes success?” Is 50 employees success? 100 employees? Is never ending growth success? Making as much money as possible?

When are you satisfied?

I’ve seen blog posts announcing a new hire just to see the same person announced as a new hire at another company months later. Not that this is bad, it’s the way things go in business at a certain level, but it is not for me. That is not what I want.

A Happiness Company

On the plane ride back from WordCamp San Francisco I had an idea. I want to create a new type of business (like a benefit corp or B Corp) called a Happiness Company or H Corp. A company that is maximized for happiness for everyone involved — owners, employees and clients.

The elements that make people happy at their job have been studied and calculated: number of employees, salary point, benefits, work environment, life/work balance etc. These are the elements I want to compile to create a clear list of goals for my business. I want a success point, not never ending growth.

Throughout my life I’ve heard people say things like “I was employee number X and now I don’t even know everyone who works at the organization.” They usually mark the increase in employees as the point in which happiness at their job went downhill. This can apply to any kind of business or non-profit and it is what I want to avoid.

This is my goal: Create a Happiness Company checklist and accomplish every item on that list.

Maybe I wont have multiple vacation houses, but I will be happy and so will the people I work with, that is what matters most to me.

2 thoughts on “But are you happy?

  • You are such a great person. I saw you on Genesis Office Hours and really liked everything about you – now after visiting your website my first impression proved true.

    • Thank you so much, that is so nice of you to say.


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