Shooting the Legendary Blue Horizon

I only started taking pictures a few years ago.

I really didn’t know I was any good until I joined a Meetup group and the really good photographers in the group told me my pictures were decent. I also started posting my photos to Instagram and found a community there. This led to begging the wife for a DSLR for my birthday then quickly outgrowing said birthday DSLR and upgrading to a fancier one.

Photography is an expensive hobby so I was incredibly excited when one of my clients, Benita Cooper, emailed me out of the blue asking if I would be interested in a PAID photography job for her interior design business. At first, I referred her to one of my photography pals thinking I was not qualified to shoot pictures for money, but she said she loved my photos and believed I could do the job.

Get paid to shoot pictures, what??

She landed a project doing interior design work for the conversion of The Legendary Blue Horizon into a boutique hotel. They wanted to use photos of the building in its current abandoned and decaying state for the lobby and rooms of the future hotel. I was a little nervous, but excitement over getting access to this building won out.

The Legendary Blue Horizon is a World famous boxing venue located on North Broad Street in Philadelphia. I don’t know anything about boxing, but when I mention it to people they are familiar with it, and some say they have seen a fight there.

It was great to shoot — a grand arena with beautiful wood seats — and it was nice to relax and shoot with 100% legit access.

Here are some of my final photos. I am so thankful for Benita believing in me and I absolutely can’t wait to see how the pictures look, blown up and framed, in the renovated lobby.

The Legendary Blue Horizon boxing ring The Legendary Blue Horizon boxing ring The Legendary Blue Horizon boxing ring The Legendary Blue Horizon boxing ring The Legendary Blue Horizon boxing ring

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    • I think you meant to say “why would you shoot HDR for a company, fucking retard?” or “why would you shoot HDR for a company? That’s fucking retarded.”

      It’s hard to tell if it’s me or the technique choice that’s retarded. Punctuation saves lives #themoreyouknow

    • HDR is perfect for content like this. Well executed! Please ignore Dr. Kirkbride’s mindless comments. Yeah, I’m sure he is a real doctor too. Keep your day job fool!

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